Support Services

At New England Community College we are committed to providing our students with the support that they need to confidently undertake their training.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Support

  • Our student support officers and training team can assist individuals to identify areas where they may require extra support and arrange support where necessary.
  • Our trainers are there to help our students and are highly experienced is assisting students at all skill levels to reach their training goals.
  • We also have trainers who are dedicated to getting students ready to undertake studies or gain entry level employment via our Certificate I and II level qualifications in Vocational pathways which address key areas such as language, literacy and numeracy.

Disability Support

New England Community College embraces the universal design approach to accessibility, whereby spaces, services and resources can be readily accessed and used by everyone, regardless of ability or disability. We provide a wide range of services and support to students with a disability and students with additional needs relating to learning difficulties

New England Community College does not offer formal welfare or guidance services but every effort will be made to assist clients to access appropriate support agencies