New England Community College Inc

New England Community College started out as Guyra Adult Learning Association which was formed from a public meeting that was held in 1981 and the Guyra Adult Learning Association, or GALA Centre as it is known locally, was established.

In 2009 the name was changed to New England Community College to reflect its community ownership and wider offering of courses and membership of Community Colleges Australia. We have offices in Guyra, Armidale and Glen Innes and deliver courses to these communities and other targeted areas across New England as the needs are identified.

The College is a not-for profit community organisation staffed by a mix of multi-skilled employees, trainers and volunteers, and a locally elected management committee with an Executive Officer to oversee the day to day running of the college. This ensures that the college is strategically placed to provide a focus on individual student welfare with a commitment to the employment outcomes for, and personal development of, the individual who can benefit from learning options that an alternative approach to the traditional school environment can offer.

Our Course Guide is distributed quarterly and details the large range of new and existing courses on offer.  Our short courses include a range of compliance, first aid and hospitality training delivered through our professional partnerships with local Registered Training Organisations.  We continue to offer a suite of general interest courses that empower people to learn a new skill and motivate them to become involved and active in our community.

New England Community College Inc partners with the Department of Industry State Training Services to deliver funded training.  We are an approved NSW Smart and Skilled provider.  The College specialises in providing eligible students with access to government subsidised training designed to target disadvantaged students, and students in regional and remote communities.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide learning and social opportunities for students, including those from disadvantaged groups, to enable them to contribute and actively participate in society. Our aim is to conduct educational programs and provide other learning activities to meet the educational needs and interests of adults in our community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the college of choice, providing quality adult education programs that:

  • are flexible and meet clients’ needs;
  • provide enjoyment of the learning experience;
  • promote lifelong learning;
  • assist with vocational opportunities.


At New England Community College we:

  • provide direct relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune, helplessness or disability in the community in the form of training, advice and the provision of other services which contribute to learning and development outcomes that enhance opportunities for people in necessitous circumstances;
  • provide direct relief of the helplessness, distress and suffering of recently arrived refugees from overseas and people from non-English speaking backgrounds by assisting them with education, training and job skilling programs to overcome their isolation in the community from the lack of adequate language and communication skills;
  • provide direct relief to unemployed people with diagnosed disabilities and those in necessitous circumstances by providing assistance in the form of activities and programs to develop their capacity for resilience during periods of unemployment and to gain skills for employment and work experience opportunities;
  • support initiatives by Government, business and community groups to increase employment opportunities in the community;
  • provide direct relief for those who are aged and isolated through disability by the promotion and training of information technology consciousness;
  • provide direct relief through support and interaction with local indigenous communities to identify and respond to education and training issues and needs in a culturally appropriate manner;
  • pursue activities and services that contribute to the well-being of communities, create sustainable growth, reflect quality and value in the range of services offered and are consistent with the mission of the organisation.