Guyra GALA Centre graduation

06th Dec 2016

Guyra’s GALA Centre have been busy with a new training program, and last week eight students graduated with certificates that will help them build a better future.

GALA compliance officer, Des Copeland said in February they selected eight students from Lifestyle Solutions to trial the new disability training program.

“At the beginning of the year we decided we would look at certificate courses and training specifically for people living with a disability,” he said.

“From that we had training on Tuesday and Thursday every week and the first part was the certificate courses.”

Mr Copeland said in the afternoons students would also learn life skills such as cooking, how to plant seeds and healthy eating.

“We taught healthy eating, exercise, team building skills and goal setting,” he said.

“Each person had to come up with a set of goals and work on personal development.”

The program proved so successful that the team believe it will run again, along with a range of other courses on offer through the New England Community College.

“We met with some disability service groups in Armidale and hopefully we will have an IT one again which involves information and media technology,” he said.

“We also have certificate one in argifoods and that involves planting gardens, mowing and could lead to people getting a job with local councils working in parks and gardens.

“This year we partnered with meals on wheels to offer a certificate two in kitchen operations.”

At the presentation each student was awarded a certificate one in information technology and also in vocational skills pathways.

This article is by Rachel Baxter and first appeared in the Guyra Argus.